Sunday, December 13, 2015

Can you really have too many dogs??? ..... and cats?

I have become that crazy dog person. Is that the same as a crazy cat lady?? Probably. My daughter holds that title. Although, we all live happily and chaotically together. The irony of it all is I used to ONLY love cats. I know that's because I didn't grow up with dogs. At about 4 years old, we adopted a sweet calico kitten from some family friends who lived on a farm. At least that's what I remember! I have no idea who they are or who they were to us, but they had cows, horses, pigs, chickens, the entire Old McDonald picture book. This kitty became my very best friend. I named her Rosie and she did everything with me. Looking back, I think she probably saved my life on more than one occasion. She was my constant until I was 17 yrs old. Sadly she passed away when I was living in California after my high school graduation. I was working as a receptionist, while attending college and I remember the call from my dad as clearly as if it were yesterday. Grieving her loss took a very long time. I still have heart pangs for her. She went through everything with me. She knew my happiness and my pain. She was my first fur baby and will forever live in my heart as The One.

After that, I only had cats and I loved each and every one. It wasn't until my daughter's 11th birthday that a sweet golden retriever came into our life. We still had kitties, but this began my love affair with dogs. When she went away to college, I found the most adorable border collie/golden for my other daughter and our family grew. The past few years I've fallen in love with rescuing and fostering bully breeds (specifically pit bulls/mixes). I feel a kindred spirit with them. They are misunderstood, often abused and abandoned and ultimately the most resilient animal I've ever know. Subsequently, two pit bull mixes joined our pack. They had both been mistreated and they are both the most amazing dogs. Of course, they don't like each other, but hey, not everyone can get along when you have a "family" the size of ours! Needless to say, I have put fostering on the back burner as I am compelled to want every one of them! Since I work from home, they are almost always with me. We take long walks, hike in the foothills nearby, make friends in dog parks and most importantly snuggle... alot! They can sense when I'm sad, celebrate with me when I bust out in my signature dance moves, provide the calm when I  need to focus and go absolutely nut balls crazy barking at anything and everyone that passes by our house!!

My home is chaotic and messy, but filled with love. By the way, we still have cats. A lot of cats!! I'm embarrassed to say how many, but I SWEAR I'm not an animal hoarder. My house is clean, mostly, and doesn't smell like poop! Haha!! As I write this, one of our kitties is lying right next to me, sweetly purring. Maybe it's just having animals that brings me calm. I've learned not to trust many people, but I can always trust my animals. They are not manipulative. They always have good intention and they love unconditionally.

Today is a rainy chilly day where I live, and my daughter is with her dad. Snuggling on the couch with some of my furry babies around me, my laptop in hand, the fire burning warmly, might be the place where I feel the most ME. I would consider this a good day. There are still things to do, deadlines to meet and projects to complete, but today, I'm a crazy "animal" lady..................

                                                                                                                                                                                                       ...and I'm OK with that. 

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