Friday, April 25, 2014

Sometimes you just need a break .... to dance!

I am dealing with some dark issues right now. Old wounds are opening and I know that I need some time to nurture the little girl inside of me, the woman I am becoming and the light that must continue to shine. It is nothing to worry about, just something we all have to do at times to remember who we are and who we are meant to be. I find myself on that line between spiral and strength. I have learned enough to know now that if I allow myself any leeway, that twisting road will become more and more appealing.

The BPD in me (Borderline Personality Disorder) compels me to dive into my healing beyond any grey area. I am choosing to go offline for a week to take some time to breathe, write, create some art, take pictures of the beauty surrounding me, play with my daughter and absorb her silly to just laugh... and laugh.

I will be back with the account of where I went both high and low. I encourage all of us to step away from our smart phones, social media and dependence on technology and go back to when the only agenda in our lives was to wake, eat, move, learn and create.

The mini journey begins!